Posted February 04, 2013

Our 50 Favorite Super Bowl Tweets

What the Twittersphere was saying during the game, the halftime show and everything in between

  1. Alright, now let’s see which Harbaugh brother will finally win their father’s respect and approval. #SuperBowl
  2. They wasted stevie wonder in that commercial
  3. Don’t have a clue what’s goin on but the guy in the red shirt and gold hat with all the ink is gorgeous.
  4. Chris Culliver is so homophobic he won’t play defense against other dudes.
  5. This is the best episode of The Wire, ever.
  6. It’s cool Beyoncé skipped gaudy special effects and just let the music speak for itself.
  7. I’m in the DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF IT’S PRE-RECORDED OR NOT club!! B’s putting’ in WURK!!!!
  8. “I’ve done my part. Now please never call me again.” – Beyonce to the rest of Destiny’s Child in 10 minutes
  9. Congrats to Beyonce, famous for her appearance with me in Pink Panther I.
  10. Probably the best half time show I’ve ever seen!! Get it @Beyonce !!!! #DestinysChild HOLY COW! #SB47
  11. Watching the #SuperBowl with family & friends. @Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so proud of her! -mo
  12. Isn’t this the plot of about 80 pecent of the books you can buy in the airport?
  13. Hope this is an easily fixed electrical problem!!
  14. WHOA WHOA WHOA. Is this power outage a Fast 6 tie in?? IS THE ROCK ABOUT TO FLY A HELICOPTER THROUGH A TANK?!!
  15. All the lights are out!! It’s pandemonium!! Thank god we have out Beyonce finger lights!
  16. This might be a good time think about alternative programming. #SuperBowlBlackOut #WeHaveDowntonPBS
  17. This time, it’s the rich people trapped in the Superdome.
  18. It seems no one is sure this particular shot is the best way to handle the power outage
  19. Finally, America cares about the infrastructure in NOLA.
  20. We can’t get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #SuperBowl #TidePower
  22. We thought we’d take this brief pause to remind you pitchers and catchers report in 8 days.
  23. Never should’ve installed The Clapper at the Dome.
  24. What people don’t talk about is how the lights were on for the entire first half.. #smh #SuperBowl
  25. Switching to Downton Abbey where they still have electricity.
  26. I want to congratulate New Orleans on hosting their last Super Bowl.
  27. Clearly, Steve Tasker knows what it’s like to kill time during a bad Super Bowl.
  28. What we don’t know is that this power outage is a cover up for the greatest jewel heist the Super Bowl has ever seen.
  29. Wow on the return to start 2nd half and Wow on the damn lights! Lets see if this changes the momentum
  30. I used to cry whenever I heard Landslide. Now instead I’ll think of Budweiser. Thanks Fleetwood Mac.

I see Murder Ray Lewis got another SB ring.