Posted February 03, 2013

Fifty People Who Want The 49ers To Put Alex Smith In The Game

And one who doesn't

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

  1. If the 49ers wanna make this a game they will put Alex Smith in #js
  2. Just put in Alex Smith already. Kaepernick is too green.
  3. Alex Smith better start the 2nd hlf if they wanna hav a chance
  4. They better put in Alex Smith!! I’m just saying!! DANG!!!
  5. Alex Smith better start warming up cuz the Niners are in need of a comeback #puthimin
  6. @ZachMilam I don’t think Colin is getting it done, the 49ers need to bring in their 6th man, Alex Smith, if they want to win.
  7. Every player from Utah is playing good. Yet Alex Smith is on the bench. Put him in idiots!
  8. Alex Smith should warm up at halftime, Squidward is not getting it done.
  9. Put Alex Smith in tha game �� hey don’t forget he’s still good as far as we kno
  10. All I want to see is Alex Smith get his chance to shine
  11. I say start Alex Smith second half! #RT if you agree
  12. Looks like Alex Smith may need to come in and win this one.
  13. The need to put in Alex Smith ������
  14. Honestly they might As well put Alex Smith in….
  15. Where’s Alex Smith? Kapernick isn’t ready.