Posted February 01, 2013

Tweets Of The Day: Friday, February 1

Peter King name-checks Nelly; Trump makes Super pick; Mayweather lauds fallen fighter

  1. My condolences to my Omar Henry’s family. My brother helped me train for the Cotto fight. He was tough to train with.
  2. Never thought I’d write the words “Hot in Herre” in a Super Bowl pool practice report, but I just did. Catchy little ditty, Nelly.
  3. They should refund all Super Bowl tickets if Colin Kaepernick keeps that patch of hair on his chin.
  4. When I came home I had a few friends waiting for me, this is what I will be doing for Super Bowl :)
  5. I wonder how many people competing for the Lombardi trophy know what Lombardi’s stance was on homosexuality. #educateyourself
  6. If Chris Culliver isn’t suspended by Goodell then I am absolutely embarrassed to be part of a league that accepts this type of behavior.